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The Scalper News


** The Chicago DarkScalpers announce their eight protected players for the HHA63 season **


The 'Scalpers finally get eliminated by losing round 31 but close the season on a winning note in round 32...




HHA62, Round 31:  Pittsburgh EvilTuxBirds  5  @  Chicago DarkScalpers  4

See this game's box score right there.

HHA62, Round 32:  Chicago DarkScalpers  3  @  Portland Firehawks  2

See this game's box score right there.

Next:  Offseason Break & Prepare For The HHA63 Draft


The end of the HHA62 season is now upon us but the HHA63 Draft will take place around the beginning of the summer so the next regular season is only a short time away.  This past season was a step in the right direction and a sure sign that a return to postseason play is closer than many thought it would be heading into '62.  Stay tuned to this web address for future updates during the offseason break and any breaking news pertaining to the Chicago DarkScalpers Organization.  We hope all of our fans and visitors have a safe & joyous time until the HHA63 events begin!  The latest available 'Scalpers statistics that HHA Headquarters has provided are located on the Season Statistics page.  The next happenings for the '63 season are scheduled to commence during the weeks stretching from June 23rd-July 7th, 2024, so be ready to tune-in to watch some tough and thrilling action-packed sequences of gritty events that will occur at various points in time only on the HHA Live network!!...unless they'll be broadcast somewhere else!!  Go 'Scalpers!!



Dark Thought of the Rounds

Matt Boldy (16 min, goal, 5 sog, -2, 1/1 cw, 13/16 pc) (62, R31):
"  It didn't go well out there.  We all wanted to win because it was almost certain to be our last home game of the season but we just couldn't.  Now we have the upcoming offseason to think about what this season could've been like.  At least it's a shorter than usual down time...that's what they're saying...so I guess that's the upside...we'll see.  "

Alex Tuch (17 min, 2 goals (gwg), 5 sog, +2, 2/3 cw, 11/12 pc) (62, R32):

"  This season was a pretty crazy ride for me considering we couldn't find the right line combinations for awhile and when we did we made a run at it but fell short.  It was a good try though.  I know I'm ready for next season right now and hopefully everybody will be when it starts because if that happens it's going to be memorable.  I can't wait.  "



Da' Coach's Corner

The Conclusion Of HHA62:

"  Maybe some of the players we're going to keep around learned something from this season.  The only thing I learned and that I already knew heading into HHA62 is that we're not a good team, still or yet.  There were a couple surprises that should give us more next season and maybe some thought on what to aim for in the draft.  This season is finally over and now I get to truly distance myself from this stuff and it can't happen fast enough.  See you in '63!  "



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